The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Bay Area Large Special Event Planning Guide and CONOPS

This document was created to provide Bay Area stakeholders with a planning guide and a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) template for planning a Large Special Event (LSE). It is intended to serve as a bridge between the high level intent and planning elements of a LSE and the specific technical requirements and documentation required for a LSE CONOPS.
This document provides detailed information on how to conduct the planning effort for a LSE, discusses planning considerations that are unique to a LSE, and offers a number of recommended planning tools. The companion CONOPS Template is an editable Word document intended to serve as the basis for a local jurisdiction’s actual LSE CONOPS. This template also prompts the user to incorporate and modify information as needed to ensure the CONOPS is scaled and appropriate for that specific LSE.
Both the Planning Guide and the CONOPS Template are intended for senior public safety and emergency management planners to guide the overall LSE preparedness effort. First responders should reference the tactical plans and procedures that this larger effort will produce. 

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