The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Commander Shawn Sexton

Regional Project Manager

Shawn Sexton is a Division Commander with the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. He is currently assigned as the Project Manager for the Bay Area UASI Regional Training and Exercise Program.

Commander Shawn Sexton's previous assignment was as a Captain and Unit Commander for the Airport Police Services Unit, which provides full service law enforcement services for the Oakland International Airport.  Additionally, he was the Unit Commander for the Agency's Marine Patrol Unit, which provides a multi-layered level of service to the Bay Area's waterways.  Commander Sexton has been very active in the area of Aviation Security as part of the Nation’s Homeland Security mission and was appointed as the County’s representative for the Law Enforcement Response Working Group facilitated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

Commander Sexton’s additional previous assignments included the Captain and Unit Commander of the Coroner's Bureau and Crime Lab within the Alameda County Sheriff's Office's County Wide Services Division.  As the Unit Commander of the Coroner's Bureau, Captain Sexton was responsible for overseeing the Bureau, which utilizes specially trained Deputy Sheriffs as Coroner’s Investigators and Sheriff’s Technicians who along with a team of Forensic Pathologists are mandated with determining the cause and manner of death in those deaths falling under the jurisdiction of the Coroner.

As the Unit Commander for the Agency's Crime Lab, Captain Sexton oversaw the operations of the Crime Laboratory, which is managed by a Crime Lab Director and staffed with specially trained Criminalists, Crime Lab Technicians, and Photographic Services personnel.  The Laboratory is accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors - Laboratory Accreditation Board.

Commander Sexton graduated from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office 100th Basic Academy in 1994.  Commander Sexton has over 23 years of law enforcement experience with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and he is skilled in law enforcement management, patrol operations, risk assessment and crime prevention, as well as resource procurement and allocation.  Commander Sexton has been very active within his agency in the areas of disaster preparedness and emergency management, budget and resource management, project management, and grant program management.  Commander Sexton was the Incident Commander for Urban Shield 2015, the Deputy Incident Commander for Urban Shield 2014 and the Plans Sections Chief for Urban Shield 2013.

Commander Sexton served for numerous years as an Arrest and Control Tactics Instructor / Defensive Tactics Instructor for his Agency, providing In-service training for Law Enforcement personnel and Academy Peace Officer Recruits at the Regional Training Center in Dublin, California.  Commander Sexton is a California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Subject Matter Expert in Arrest and Control Tactics.  Commander Sexton is a published author and wrote an article entitled Urban Shield 2015 “Honor the Past – Train for the Future” for the California State Sheriff’s Association’s monthly magazine, California Sheriff, published in April 2016.  Commander Sexton has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Management from the Union Institute and University.