The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Management Team

Led by a General Manager, the Management Team consists of executive staff, project managers, and grant specialists. The Assistant General Manager leads risk management and strategic planning and develops and implements policies and procedures for the organization. Project oversight is the responsibility of the Regional Program Manager who provides guidance to project managers. Under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, the grants staff is responsible for the fiscal, administrative and legislative responsibilities associated with facilitating the UASI programs.

Craig Dziedzic

General Manager

Tristan Levardo

Chief Financial Officer

Janell R. Myhre

Regional Program Manager

Mary Landers

Regional Grants Manager

Mikyung Kim-Molina

Regional Project Manager

Jodi Traversaro

Regional Training & Exercise Program Manager

Corinne Bartshire

Regional Project Manager

Amy Ramirez, CEM

Regional Project Manager

Ethan Baker

Emergency Services Coordinator

Yoshimi Saito

Grants Specialist

Rick Cheney

Grants Specialist

Analyn Tam

Grants Accountant

Scott Kaplan

Contracts Specialist

Lloyd Shand

Emergency Services Assistant