The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Medical and Behavioral Health in Shelters

Resources include a toolkit and concept of operations intended to support the provision of disaster medical and behavioral health services in a general population shelter.


Medical and Behavioral Health in Shelters Toolkit
Includes adaptable tools to be used in the medical/health services section of a shelter
Strengthens the ability of jurisdictions to provide personnel, equipment, supplies, and assistance to other jurisdictions within the Bay Area.
•Addresses challenges related to the provision of medical/health services in a general population shelter
•Improves the ability of Bay Area stakeholders to support short and long-term behavioral health of individuals impacted by disaster.

Behavioral Health in General Population Shelters Concept of Operations
•Defines preparedness activities for behavioral health care and training;
•Outlines behavioral health capabilities, resources, and services;
•Standardizes notification, communication, and information-sharing;